Tarifs de location de vélos sur l'ile d'oleron

Bike rental rates on the whole island of Oléron

You can book a bike starting with a minimum of half a day or even the full month if you wish.

Our stores have a sufficient stock of bicycles to satisfy all requests during the summer periods of July and August.

You can book directly from the site to save time, and have it delivered if you wish or collect it from one of the bike shops17.

We offer long-term bike rentals to explore the island in peace.

Consult us or find the long-term rental rates for each bike by selecting the “number of days” option.

Bike rental price for children

For example, for a 3/5-year-old child’s bike, the rental price for half a day is 10€.
The price is naturally decreasing according to the number of days that you rent this same bike.
By following the example of the 3/5 year old child’s bike, the price for a day therefore increases to 12€.

Bike rental price for adults

For adult bike rates, prices start from 15€ per half-day for a 6-speed bike, for example.
As mentioned above, the rental price decreases for a full day, i.e. 17€ per day for the same 6-speed bike.

Electric bike rental price

We offer electric bikes from €28 for half a day. For a full day, the price increases to 39€.

Electric scooters are also available in our stores.

1st price bike rental rates

We offer a coaster bike from 12€ for half a day, and 48€ for the week.

This product is only available in stores. Go directly to one of our stores or contact us to reserve or rent it on site.

Delivery charges

The delivery costs are 8€ if the rental is estimated at more than 2 days and less than 6 days (subject to a minimum rental amount of 80€).

If the rental is 6 days or more (subject to a minimum order of €80), delivery costs are free.

Find information on delivery conditions by clicking on the link here , as well as delivery zone schedules by hovering over the desired area of google Maps, located at the bottom of the page.

To save time, we offer Click and collect at ST PIERRE and DOLUS stores.

Our team wishes you an excellent trip on our dear Île d’Oléron.