Discover the island of Oléron thanks to the connected Handlebar – WinkBar

Vélos 17 Loisirs with Velco Tour offers a new way to discover cities and territories.

You let yourself be guided with ease and safety thanks to the connected handlebars.

The smartphone remains stored during navigation. You only use it once you have reached a point of interest on the route and discover a description of the place.

Application Velco Tour - Vélos 17 Loisirs

  You book your Velco Tour experience with Vélos 17 Loisirs in the Saint Pierre d’Oléron store.

 You leave with your bike with a wink and Bar you download the mobile Velco Tour application on your smartphone.

 You choose your tourist itinerary among those we offer.

 You let yourself be guided with ease and safety thanks to the connected handlebars.